Securing Extra Space in Retail


We recently had a new business enquiry wanting to know if they could use our services to grow their presence and sales in retail. Nothing new with the enquiry, a challenge for most suppliers.

I asked how they found us – they were out in stores and saw one of our team building what we call a Mega Display. One of those big displays at the front of the store, that make an impact and are hard to miss. The display was what they were wanting for their products, so they asked the merchandiser who they work for. How great is that for the team member, that their work was recognised and led to a new business enquiry!

During the conversation, one of the topics they wanted to know more about, was how could we deliver those types of displays for their products. They were of the belief that the days of store negotiated displays were long gone, and you needed to book them through HO.

Whilst this is true, there is still the opportunity to secure over & above displays in stores. Not every store mind you, but there are some stores that have the appetite for sales and are wanting to make the most of some space they have. These locations are highly sought after amongst suppliers, and everyone is pitching their case to the stores.

 So how do you get this space if it’s such a rare commodity? And how do I answer that question without giving away all of our trade secrets?

One thing is certain, retail floor space is a valuable asset that everyone is trying to secure. Whether you’re a merchandiser or a sales rep looking for a prime display location, or a store manager wanting to keep the aisles clear for shoppers and maximise sales opportunities. Negotiating for that extra space is a skill that takes time, effort and confidence to have a go and ask the question.

To get a better understanding of what it takes to get that extra space, I reached out to the broader Client Service team for their perspective. There were some consistent themes in their answers and the key to all their successes was the team. Investing in the team will deliver the outcomes you’re looking for.  

Here’s a few of their answers on how they go about securing Over & Above Displays.

  1. Relationships are key – nobody is going to give you extra space if you haven’t been looking after their store and providing regular support. Regular visits to maintain & replenish the display makes sure it stays in place for the duration of the campaign.
  • Be clear on what’s in it for the store – know your product and when is the right time to maximise sales. Use sales data to showcase the ROI for the store. Plan your visits so there is a pre-sell conversation and then return to build the display at a time that suits the store. Be flexible!
  • Invest in the team – take the time to coach and upskill them in the art of negotiating. When they get knocked back, spend time with them to learn from this and use this for the next conversation.
  • Acknowledgement – securing these displays is not as easy as it sounds. Share the wins and acknowledge the efforts of the team. Incentive programs for best displays go a long way.
  • Be Patient and Persistent – Negotiating for extra space takes time. Be patient and persistent in your efforts. Sometimes, a “no” can turn into a “yes” with perseverance and a willingness to find a win/win outcome for the supplier and the retailer.

If you’re wanting to grow your presence and sales, reach out today for a discussion on how we can support you in retail.