ShopperPANEL – Edition 9

LIQUOR EDITION This week we’re thrilled to announce our ninth edition of ShopperPANEL Retail Report is available to share! In this report we reflect on the challenging year that was 2023 and its effect on consumer behaviour in Australia and delve specifically into the Australian Liquor market. The focus is on alcohol consumption trends and … Read more

The Need for Speed Why Speed to Market is vital in Retail

It goes without saying that staying ahead of the competition in retail today has become more challenging than ever before. One of the key strategies to keep ahead of the game is “Speed to Market.” Simply put, this phrase refers to the ability to quickly introduce new products and services to the market. In this … Read more


What’s the year ahead look like for Australian consumers? Well even after 10 interest rate hikes since May 2022, consumers have managed to increase household spending by 17.8% (12 months ending January 2023). So therefore, when will the effect of ever-increasing living costs start to show through in consumer spending? The impact of COVID-19 was … Read more

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

Even though we can’t be in person, we can still engage, learn and have fun while ‘surviving’ lockdown. What better way than to host our team in a ‘Survivor’ themed virtual conference? Over 100 of our team came together for 2 days of challenges, tribal councils and survival tips (using our client products of course). … Read more

Great effort PJ!

PJ’s proud achievement in Coles Broadway NSW, arguably the number 1 Coles store nationally. PJ wanted to make sure there was plenty of stock for shoppers for two Power Brands on half price promotion.In PJ’s words when sharing his photo with us: “I wanted to share what I’ve built instore. This is their End 1, … Read more

Partnering with Afterpay

The national Afterpay ‘Bondi Mint’ brand refresh went live this week with over 34,000 retail stores across Australia being visited over 4 weeks to hand over and set up more than 650,000 visual merchandising assets. At the end of week one, 4 days into the execution, we are really pleased to report that over 10,000 … Read more